Usage Policies

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We desire everyone to utilize our AI Tools & Models in a safe and responsible manner.

Hence, we've established usage guidelines that are applicable to all users of our app, tools, and services. By adhering to these guidelines, you'll ensure that our technology is employed positively. Should we find that your usage does not conform to these guidelines, we may request you to make the necessary adjustments. Recurrent or severe violations may lead to further measures, including the suspension or termination of your account. As we gain more insight into the usage and misuse of our models, our guidelines may be subject to change.

Prohibited Use of Our AI Tools

Illegal Actions

  • We forbid the use of our models, tools, and services for any illegal actions.

  • Material Exploiting or Harming Children or Child Sexual Abuse Material

  • We report any such material to the relevant authorities tasked with the safety and protection of children.

Generation of Hateful, Harassing, or Violent Material

  • Material that provokes, instigates, or encourages hate based on identity.

  • Material that aims to intimidate, menace, or bully an individual.

  • Material that endorses or glorifies violence or revels in the distress or degradation of others.

Activities that Carry a High Risk of Physical Harm, including:

  • Material that promotes, encourages, or portrays acts of self-harm, such as suicide, and self-injury.

Deceptive or Fraudulent Activity, including:

  • Plagiarism.

  • Academic dishonesty.

  • Spreading false information.

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